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Olivia S. Benson, Esq.

Offices of Olivia Benson, Esq.

South Florida Litigation & Probate Attorney

Serving Miami-Dade and Broward counties for over 20 years

    Offices of Olivia S. Benson, Esq., P.L. is a Probate and Litigation Law Firm led  by Probate Attorney and Litigation Attorney Olivia S. Benson, serving Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

    Offices of Olivia S. Benson, Esq., P.L. focuses on probate, estate administration, and litigation. Olivia S. Benson brings her vast experience and her personal touch to help families at one of the most difficult times of their lives. She is dedicated to providing personal attention and care to every detail during this difficult time.
    Olivia S. Benson strives to provide honest counsel, and effective guidance to make the process of handling your loved-ones final affairs as stress free as possible. Her broad range of business experience allows her to bring insight into the most complex estate matters. At the Offices of Olivia S. Benson, Esq., P.L., we provide potential clients with a fifteen (15) minute initial telephone consultation, at no cost. Once we assess your needs we can meet with you to develop a strategy to resolve your case.

    Olivia S. Benson is an attorney you can trust to guide you through the process of estate administration.  Call our offices today for your fifteen (15) minute initial telephone consultation. We have offices in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, and practice in all the State Courts of Florida. Call today!

Practice Areas

  • Probate & Guardianships
  • Wills, Trust, & Estates
  • Business & Civil Litigation
  • Commercial & Civil Litgation
  • Religious Organization Law

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Ms. Benson exemplifies the highest quality of professionalism in every endeavor she undertakes. She possesses a special talent for conveying confidence, compassion, and understanding to her clients, friends and associates by the manner which she handles their affairs with deep care and concern for their well-being. 

— Gaspar V. Garcia, MBA, CRC, Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager

I have known Olivia for about twenty years, and she has been my attorney for over ten years. She has been my legal counselor on a variety of matters, and has handled all of my family’s estate planning affairs. She is dependable, honest, personable, and extremely sharp. I have been able to trust her with all of my affairs without a second thought

— Rev. Lottie Clodfelter

I have known Olivia for almost thirty years, since we attended law school together. When it was time for me to select a probate attorney for my family’s matters, I trusted Olivia. When it was time for my estate planning documents, I trusted Olivia. I can say without hesitation, she is very smart, ethical, and honorable.

— Samira Ghazal, Esq.